4 Characteristics Of A Marlian

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4 Characteristics Of A Marlian

characteristics Of A Marlian

If you have been wondering about the Characteristics of a Marlian, then you are not alone. As you all know, the blog name inspiration was from gotten from the number one marlian himself @Nairamarley and with the buzz and vibe that Naira Marley has brought to the entertainment industry of Nigeria, a lot of people have been talking about what it takes to be a marlian. Better put, the Characteristics of Marlian. Is being a Marlian good, is there a National Marlians day, what are the benefits of being a marlian, all these are what we will cover today on the topic.

Who Is Naira Marley

The full name of Naira Marley is Afeez Fashola. His popularity and lifestyle has had a lot of impact on young Nigerians as several of them now want to belong to the gang named “the Marlian Gang”.

However, nobody just wakes up to become part of this group referred to as the Marlian Gang. There are rules that has been laid down by the king himself before you can become a Marlian. However, this has raised eyebrows especially in religious institutions about the manner in which Marlians carry out their activities and the ideals they stand for.

When it comes to releasing danceable tunes for the public, Naira Marley is the eye to turn to. Others in the gang or clique is Zlatan Ibile.

Characteristics Of A MARLIAN

  1. Academic Drop-out

One of the major characteristics of marlians is that they don’t graduate. They are majorly academic drop outs. However, this is how it is perceived. So what should others that are in the gang that have already graduated or those who have graduated and want to join the gang, do they need to burn their certificates?….Possibly. This means that King Marley never meant it that way and its a pure misconception. Even King Marley himself went to school. Therefore true marlians go through the rigours of academic stress and come out excellently well.

2. No Belt Gang

This should have been the top on the list of the characteristics because it is even simpler to follow. Alot of Youths and teens who are faithful followers of the Marlian King adhere to this rule almost unrelentlessly as they before now like what is called Low Waist before the emergence of the Marlian King. Most of them use their hands to hold their trousers and it makes for a dancing style for the melodious tunes of Naira Marley. However, there are alot of corporate people who are also part of the marlian gang. They dress neat and put on ties, with corporate shoes.

3. Clean Hairstyle

Being part of the marlian gang, doesnt mean you must not have manners as well as put on dreads or some tinted hairlike style. Even before the emergence of the marlian king, these stuffs have been in existence. It, therefore, means that carrying a bad hairstyle doesn’t single you out as a marlian. Likewise, marlians respect their elders and actually have manners. What the king meant was that marlians are not afraid to speak the truth to anyone.

4. Weed Addicted

People who smoke weed talk uncontrollably sometimes. Therefore marlians are word addicted. They speak without fear or favour and whatever they say happens.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “4 Characteristics Of A Marlian”.

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